Concrete Warehouse Studio OPENING

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Location: Concrete Warehouse Studio , KM 13, Duta Indah Karya Blok B No. 19, Jl. Daan Mogot
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What a great photo exhibition & workshop we had last Saturday with @shaktisiddarta

Build a Profitable Photography Business by @shaktisiddarta

Listened to our 4 experienced speakers coming from 3 different photography fields.

Learned the Pros & Cons of each sector and understand how they work
Our Speakers Representing:
•Commercial photography – @shaktisiddarta
•Wedding Photography – Co-founder @william.tjandra & Photographer of Morden @rickymueller                                      •Food photography – Co-founder of @andrewyaputra

Things we learned:
•Understand the different fields in the photograpy industry
•How to develop your career as photographers
•Checklist for starting a photography business
•Understand different skills requires for different photography fields
•Way to find clients as photographers
•How to price when you are starting out •How to market your work
•The future of photography business in Indonesia
•Photo demonstration by the Speakers



Thank You so much for those who came to our Grand Launching! and congratulations to our 2 lucky winners! (to enjoy FREE WHOLEDAY CONCRETE WAREHOUSE STUDIO)



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