Fashion stylists play a pivotal role in the success of a fashion collection, a brand or a product. As a fashion stylist, you required to mastering how to emphasis style and image with the rich cultural and aesthetic references, you are also required to properly develop of fashion projects, present a captivating, innovative and effective a campaign with specific skill such as photography.

In this class, you will learn comprehensive and practical aspect of fashion styling and fashion photography. Including how to produce a fashion shoot and style to a client brief for advertising campaigns and lookbooks. And of course, our mentor, Andandika Surasetja, will guide you to gain hands-on styling and to capture a fashion image experience which you can applied in a real project.

This class is suitable for anyone who looking to start a professional career as a fashion stylist, creative director, fashion label owner, marketer, fashion & art student, or a fashion enthusiast.

What will you learn:

  • the fundamentals of the styling business
  • how to properly style for various project
  • contemporary fashion publishing/ media
  • color theory, angle, & lighting composisition
  • techniques of digital fashion photography
  • portofolio development, target market, & marketing strategies

What to bring:

  • laptop, pen, smartphone with good camera quality
  • DSLR Camera (if possible)

Class size: 20 people

Duration: 3 hours

Price: IDR 345.000 (get a special price for 2 workshops)

All tools will be provided.

For registration:

+62 21 662 1868

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