Fashion collections vary depending on market level, product type, season, customer and retail outlets. There is a fairly complicated phase in a Developing a Collection process, from initial design ideas through development of product to the final outcome and its ultimate exhibition and sale.

In this 3 hours workshop, our mentor will guide you to understand fundamental aspects for developing a collection, including an overview of the development process; the common themes used by designers; different market levels, from haute couture to the high street; specialist collections; and approaches to designing a collection.

as a long-life fashion business mentor, Sadikin Gani also will help you identify your niche, customer, and image in the market.

What will you learn:

  • defining characteristics of a collection
  • trend analysis
  • producing collection plan
  • portfolio elaboration

Class size: 20 people

Duration: 3 hours

Price: IDR 345.000 (get a special price for 2 workshops)

All tools will be provided.

For registration:

+62 21 662 1868

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