Mentor: Sadiron Gani

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Every fashion designer who build the brand since the start must have a foothold and business guidelines: the business model and the business plan. Business plan describing “what” is to be done for the company; While the business model describe “how” the company generate revenue and profits in the middle of the competitive fashion business.

As a foundation and business guidelines, models and business plans must be formulated carefully and precisely, so that you know exactly whether your business will lead to success, or vice versa.

In this class you will explore the key issues in fashion business and  how to develop business model and plan in the context of running a fashion business.

You will learn:

  • An overview of the key issues in developing fashion business
  • Goal setting and business strategy
  • How to develop sustainable business model and plan for fashion business

Project output: 

  • Understanding essentials knowledge in fashion industry
  • Practical skills for developing business model and plan for fashion business

Target learners: 

  • Fashion designers
  • Fashion brand owners
  • Anyone who will start a fashion business

What to bring:

  • Laptop
  • Pen

Class size: 15-20 people

Price: IDR 295.000

For registration:


+62 822 1150 2211

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