Mentor: Adryan Hafizh


Founder and Startup Incubator

Many startup start with the idea they love or they think it’s cool to make one. Then they spend 4-5 months building the product in secrecy. Until when the product goes to the market, they realize that no one wants their product! The sales is low, and slowly but surely, their startup is sunk into bankruptcy. Is this sound familiar?


Then Lean Startup born in Sillicon Valley in the early 2000. Lean focus on learning about the customer early on, so the product will be really fit to what the market & customer needs. Using what we called as “Minimum Viable Product”, the startup founder will go validate their product, market, & offering to make sure the product they are building is fit perfectly to the customer. The methodology will also enhance work effectiveness & efficiency in building your startup. Let’s learn how to build your startup using this methodology in this fun workshop!

You will learn:

  • Waterfall development vs Lean Startup
  • The basic mindset of Lean Startup
  • Using Javelin Board to validate the assumption
  • Building the Minimum Viable Product
  • Several technique to do Customer Validation
  • Metrics to measure in building your product

What to bring:

Pen and papers

Project Output:

Javelin Board for your own startup development

Target Learners:

This class is good for entrepreneur who want to build their own startup, but also good for startup who currently building their product


Class size: 15-20 people

Price: IDR295.000 (including certificate and light meals)

For registration:


+62 822 1150 2211

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