How to cook your way to success by Hans Danial

27 March 2018,

How to cook your way to success by Hans Danial, the man behind Eat&Treats, discover your way of cooking to successful & engaging food blog – a blog that people drolls over when they read!

Get chance to ask him about your blogging style also all related to food stuff.

Special for this class, Hans demonstrated his own style of shooting food ūüď∑

We learn about :

– Task of a food blogger
– What it takes to enter food blogging industry
– How to create content for your social media and blog
– Food blogging as a career?

– Review: the truth vs endorsement
*Special food photo demonstration


Fun class with Hans at Concrete Class!

Finally we made it to this class!

Thank You so much Hans for coming & sharing your insights with the participants in cooking your way to be a food blogger!

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