shorts for “More Than.”

We are collective of young passionate people intrigue by artistic and creative disposition. Our works mainly consist of weddings, couple and cinematography. Aspired by natural interaction to seize your memorable moments forever.

We believe that together is a beautiful place to be and hand-in-hand we can create wonderful things. Every moment matters, so let us cross path and seize your special connection through portraits and films.

Our services: Wedding Photography & Cinematography.



means “Remember.”

Moments are irreversible, only memories remain. Memento is built to help people making the best of their precious moments in life, from wedding day, baby born, anniversary, birthday and corporate events to lasts forever; through small invitation and gift.

Together with Memento, let your personalized Invitation and Gift make those precious memories spark. Every line drawn, each color chosen, will tell your very own story.

Our products: Invitation, Wedding Favors, Gift and Hampers.

IG: @memento_idea @mementogift


Every building needs a design. And every design begins with a concept.

Specialises in 3D visualization, Visualnine aims to create realistic yet aesthetic approach of visual representation. Working on projects ranging from the high-end residential market, interior design, architecture, furniture and product, we strive to develop a compelling graphic narrative to the specific needs of each project and each client.

Our services: 3D visualization, including Interior, Architecture, Furniture, Product, and Photography Visual Effect.

IG: @visualnine


HipCar is Indonesia’s first on demand “Car Sharing” app available for both iOS and Android. Register and rent a car with minimum effort with no human interaction necessary, top up, book and unlock the car directly from the app.

Enjoy our fuel inclusive low rates, with no minimum or maximum rental time. It’s like having your own car!

Our products: Car Sharing Rental.

IG: @hipcaridAccess Education

We are one of the premier one stop education consultant in North Jakarta. Our mission is to deliver outstanding service for future students to study abroad in Australia, United states, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and Switzerland.

Our services: University Consultation, Documents Translation, Visa Processing, Student Accommodation, Scholarship Information.

Phone: (+62) 813 8063 4159Kikake

Revealing the authentic expression of woman’s personality. Softness can be akin to strength, as sensibility can gain confidence, and thoughtfulness created good vibes. Such is the idea behind KIKAKE’s collection.

Discover our beautifully simple design aesthetic & effortlessly chic women’s wear.

Our products: Women’s Fashion Wear.

IG: @kikakeofficial

Line ID: @kikake

Marani Food

Only specific grade of cashews is being used for our production after undergoing a stringent selection process. Under the sophisticated supervision of our seasoned chefs, it is MARANI’S commitment and pledge to deliver fresh, tasty & nutritious cashew nuts to our beloved customers.

We sincerely hope that your cravings will be satisfied after taking a munch of our cashews!

Our products: Cashew Nuts.

IG: @maranifoodBraow Goods

Our timeless leather goods are crafted with utmost care for only the best durability. We take pride in our quality and selection of Premium leather. All our products are cut, stitched, and constructed by hand to ensure artisanal standards for your purchased

Our products: Handmade Leather Goods.

IG: @braowgoods



RiNKU is a social media advertising agency with an expertise in engaging social audiences and enhancing the online presence of brands.

RiNKU means “link” in Japanese. Our mission is to become the link that connects our partners with their customers and provides them with the best solutions in the forms of social media management services, social media advertising services, content marketing, graphic design, and website development.

Our services: Social Media Advertising Agency



Total Graphics 

Looking for someone to consult your packaging needs? We are here at your service.

Total Graphics was first established in Surabaya since 2003 and we have just recently expanded our team in Jakarta early 2017. 

Here at our showroom, we provide consultations (by appointment only) on any packaging/prints that you need. We also have our own workshop for productions and has been striving to produce our goods to our clients’ level of sophistication. 

Our products: Packaging

IG: @totalgraphicspackaging & @totalgraphics.jkt

Pineapple Videoworks

Pineapple Videoworks is a company who focus in video production. We are a group of people who have passion in video making. Aye, we put together puzzles of moving picture, fuse it with music and build it into a story. We create videos for commercial, event documentation, company profile, product display, info graphic and so much more.

We tend to pour out idea and value into a video. We have commitment to always create the finest art, the opus which flow from our heart and into the heart of people who watch.

Our services: Video Production

IG: @pineapplevideoworks


“One wallet for all.”

An automated loyalty program designed to enhance member experience and help business owner to interact with customers and retain their loyalty.

What we do : We help business owner to setup their own loyalty program. Unlike traditional physical member cards, Storellet provides an electronic platform to the business owner to develop their membership program and targeted marketing strategy.

Our services: Digital Platform for Loyalty Program & Member Cards

IG: @storellet_id

FB: @storelletID

The Better Taste

The Better Taste is aiming to be the best snacks platform in Indonesia. To achieve that goal we have been equipped with the best lined up, starting with our kitchen.

Truly we are very confident with our passionate chefs. Not only they are full of passion, but they also have been well-trained. Each of them has their own specialty in their own taste fields, salty, sour, spicy and sweet. Be ready to get your taste bud pampered with pleasure from The Better Taste!

Our product: Fish Skins snacks


NO . VE . RE

Meaning intertwining. Is the collective project of two sisters aiming to redefine elegance with their simple but chic clothing line. Its main concept is to make it easier for women to achieve a stylish look with fashionable clothes that are easy to match and wear.

Novere’s ultimate goal is to build a sisterhood of well-dressed women who will change the world.

Our product: Women’s ready to wear clothes



The Big Films by Wiki Lee

We use the word fine art because as creative people, we are inspired by beautiful things. Life is created beautifully, full of colors, inspirations, people. We are blessed to have different senses to enjoy this beautiful earth. We hope that through our work, we can channel our passion and creativity into making more beautiful artworks.

We at The Big Films put utmost importance not only in the beautiful visuals, but in meaningful works. Humans’ lives in itself is an art, as it contains many authentic stories of different individuals. Those beautiful, inspiring stories are what we want to capture here. We believe those memories are precious moments that are often times overlooked, but will become more valuable in the years to come. We wish that what we do here can help you preserve your precious moments so you can revisit them in the future.

Combining the two inspirations are how we came up with this fine art story-telling concept. Guided by Wiki Lee’s decades of experience in Sydney and Indonesia, our aim is to help you create your own beautiful and meaning-filled memories.

Our services: Fine Art Storytellers

IG: @thebigfilms