What it takes to be a Blogger by Anastasia Siantar

28 March 2018,

What it takes to be a Blogger by Anastasia Siantar, the woman behind The Brown Platform, who made it into the Blogging industry! Get to learn her secrets on what it takes to be a blogger.

We learn about:
– What type of quality do you need as a blogger?
– How to be a trendsetter?
– Making your own content creation for social media & blog
– How to handle clients
– Special Fashion Styling session with Anaz

One of the keywords from Anaz, “Lighting Itu Penting!”! 👌🏻

She shared about her journey in blogging and how important it is to be true to ourselves without forgetting our style and identity. Definitely someone we look up to!

Thank you so much Anaz for sharing your insights and educating our community with your experiences! It was indeed a fun class!

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