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Keeping Up with Wedding Invitation Trends by Pensee Invitation

Whan an inspiring class by Founder of Pensee Invitation 🙂 Revealing the journey behind Pensee Invitation             ... read more

How to Run Event Styling & Wedding Decor Business by Isabella Ingrid & Karina Angela

What an inspiring class by Founder of Papertree, Isabella Ingrid & Karina Angela. Revealing The Story Behind Papertree Decor 🙂    ... read more

Is Wedding Stylist The Next Big Thing? by Jessica Boediardjo

Inspiring class by Jessica Boediardjo. Taught us the differences between Wedding Stylist and Wedding Planner 🙂 read more

Setting New Trend of Wedding Fashion by Yogie Pratama

                      Our sharing session with the humblest @mryogiepratama. What an inspiring talk... read more

The Untold Story behind Wedding Organizer & Planner by Irene Kamaludin

                      Our sharing session with @ireneiwp. What an inspiring talkshow we had in... read more