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The Business Side of Intimate Wedding Series

    This special class collaboration with the experts: Gown Designer: Bramanta Wijaya Photo & Videographer:... read more

How to Create Basic Cooking Video by William Gozali

    Thank You @willgoz for sharing your valuable skills for the participants! read more

Building a Strong Brand by Billy Kurniawan

    Thank You founder of @kopijanjijiwa for sharing on how to build a strong brand! An inspiring sharing sessions... read more

Building Your Design Firm by Revano Satria

    Thank You @revanosatria for sharing your experiences & knowledge in our Concrete Class! . read more

Successful Fashion in Modern Heritage by Inwi Willy, Veronica Willy & Dora Willy

       An inspirational sharing with founders of @sissaeqipao ! Thank You for sharing @willy1nwi, Veronica Willy & @dorawilly . read more