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Workshop – Customised your Wallet with your Initial by Sekkha

8 April 2017 Sekkha means ‘learner’ in the tongue of Pali. They believe that they’re lifelong learners, and they take that... read more

Workshop – Modern Calligraphy Watercolour Illustration by Pink Monkey

1 April 2017 Calligraphy is a place for any individual interested in the art of beautiful writing. This time, Concrete held... read more

Workshop – Acrylic Painting on Wood Decor by Kelly’s Co.

25 March 2017 Inspired by her lovely yorkshire named Kelly, Kelly’s Co was founded in 2013 by Inez Tiara. Every of... read more

Workshop – DIY Paper Succulent by Pafiore

25 March 2017 Another fun with beautiful results workshop held at Concrete by Pafiore. Pafiore is a paper florist founded... read more

Generation C – BBQ & Game Night

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard of co-work. But it’s much more than just properties and a place to... read more