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The Business Side of Intimate Wedding Series

    This special class collaboration with the experts: Gown Designer: Bramanta Wijaya Photo & Videographer: Founder of Morden, Lucas Edo & William Tjandra Wedding Stylist: Jessica Boediarjo Wedding Accessories: Founders of Ayyara Handy Yonathan & Jessica Saputro What an inspiring talkshow we had in Concrete Warehouse Studio. Than You for those who came. And the team to make the class happened. Thank you everybody! See you on the next class 🙂

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The Untold Story behind Wedding Organizer & Planner by Irene Kamaludin

                      Our sharing session with @ireneiwp. What an inspiring talkshow we had in 2 fullhouse sessions. Than You for those who came. And the team to make the class happened Special Thanks to : IWP team : @monique_niku @cynzsakura@ireneiwp Irene’s Make Up : @erikajennings Cake : @serenitycakery Food : Gifts : @redribbongift @kayateaorganic

September 2018

August 2018

Dessert Project 2.0 – Concrete Marketplace Vol.6

he founder of @sumo_boo . Established in 2013, Sumoboo has never fail to satisfy the demand of dessert enthusiast.The most exciting dessert event of the year. CONCRETE MARKETPLACE VOL.6 “DESSERT PROJECT 2.0.”                                                                         24-26 August 2018, Revealing our 6th Marketplace supported by Panin Bank, Pangan Lestari and The Big Films. Our dessert tenants: Cube Creamery, Real, Etoile, Cocoya, Buns [...]

Modernizing Indonesian Design Industry with a Twist by Alvin Tjitrowirjo

            @alvin_tjitrowirjo of @alvint_id on the topic of Modernizing Indonesian Design Industry with a Twist. Our inspirational class with @alvin_tjitrowirjo , sharing about industrial design and how he is able to modernize Indonesian design with his own identity. Thank you so much Alvin for an insightul sharing of experience 😊

Creativity is The Future of Business Skill by Putri Tanjung

Hey Curators, do you know that creativity is the future of business skill? @putri_tanjung at our #concretehotseat . She brought the essential of being a Creativepreneur! At a young age, Putri had successfully organised Creativepreneur Corner inspiring millions of youngster to grow their skills. She is well known for her strong leadership & entrepreneurship “You can either find opportunity or create opportunity” – an advise from last night’s class with @putri_tanjung ! Thank you so much for such a great take home notes 😊   When selecting term paper writers, you ought [...]

July 2018

Is Coworking Space Profitable? by Dian Hasan & Cynthia Satrya

Are you keen to open a Co-Working Space? We found out the WHAT, WHY, WHO, WHEN, HOW of Co-Working Space with the Founder of @coworkinc & @impacthubjkt ; @dianhasan &@cynthiasatrya              We had so much fun learning from the best mentors, @cynthiasatrya and @dianhasan from @coworkinc@impacthubjkt , sharing about the hottest business of the year 😊                       Thank you for always being the nicest and the helpful Mama C & Papa D! Also Raymond Tjendera as our moderator and all participants. See you in [...]

Learn about Kitchen Culture & Management by Adhika Maxi

Hey Curators, revealing our #concretehotseat we invited @adhikamaxi to share about Kitchen Culture & Management! The perfect person to learn from when it comes to Restaurants. Adhika is well known for his success in establishing Jakarta’s top restaurants @unionjkt , @amkcatelier & @izakayakai. What an honor to have chef @adhikamaxi with us last night sharing about his experience and his journey throughout the kitchen life. We learnt so much from you! 😊            Thank you for Chef Adhika, Evi Natalia as our moderator and all participants! See you in next Concrete [...]

Digital Media in Photography by Bill Satya

Saturday, 7 July 2018 Experienced in the world of Photography @billsatya shared his skills on Digital Media in Photography. This workshop include both practical and Q&A sessions Practicing & learning from Seniors is one of the key point to be successful. Thank You @billsatya for your time, sharing your valuable knowledge!                                         

Concrete Warehouse Studio OPENING

Saturday, 19 May 2018 Location: Concrete Warehouse Studio , KM 13, Duta Indah Karya Blok B No. 19, Jl. Daan Mogot Click Link for direction :            What a great photo exhibition & workshop we had last Saturday with @shaktisiddarta Build a Profitable Photography Business by @shaktisiddarta Listened to our 4 experienced speakers coming from 3 different photography fields. Learned the Pros & Cons of each sector and understand how they work Our Speakers Representing: •Commercial photography – @shaktisiddarta •Wedding Photography – Co-founder @william.tjandra & Photographer of Morden @rickymueller      [...]

May 2018

How To Create Brands That Tells St*ry by Thinking*Room

Another weekend we held a great workshop and talks by Thinking*Room. And got our Creative juice working with Eric Widjaja, Founder of Thinking*Room. It’s an honour to have you in Concrete sharing your insights & creative ideas on How to create brand that tells story. They shared about how to start creating ideas, and told us to never limit our creativity. Eric teaches us that we better research and collect facts, surveys intead of doing 100 design options, because when we had base [...]

How to Export Your Local Product by JET Commerce

Exporting class by Jet Commerce. Thankyou for your insights of how to export local product. Here’s few important documents you need to get for pre-shipment & procedures before you can export your product overseas: • SIUP (Surat Izin Usaha Perusahaan) • NPWP (Nomer Pokok Wajib Pajak) • NIK (Nomer Induk Kepabeanan) • TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan) • Invoice • Packaging List • B/L atau AWB (Bill of Landing / Airway Bill) • PEB (Pemberitahuan Ekspor Barang) • NPE (Nota Persetujuan Ekspor) • Dokumen penunjang yang terkait dengan jenis komoditas Thankyou participants who [...]

How To Engage and Grow Your Audience by Andy Yanata

What an OMG moment last Tuesday with the one & only Andy Yanata. He shared abour his journey how to be a good influencer, to keep on doing what you wanna do. He also shared about how he ended up to be an influencer from a fashion student. Thank You for sharing your experience and bringing fresh new perspectives of Fashion Styling to participants! See you guys on the next class!

Road to World’s Biggest Kebab Chain by Hendy Setiono

Do you know that Kebab Babarafi has 1400 outlets in Indonesia and 40 outlets across the world? How did @hendysetiono Founder & CEO of @kebabbabarafi is able to build the world’s biggest kebab chain? We found out the secret to his success story! Last night’s class with @hendysetiono founder of @kebabbabarafi . Thank You for teaching our community your skills and being an inspiration to us!

The Story Behind Manual Jakarta by Manual Jakarta

@manualjakarta Team in sharing their journey to success. Discovered how each division plays a role in bringing Manual forward as one of the most viewed online platform today What we learn: – Learn about Journalism Industry – Difference in Online VS Offline platform – How to keep up with the current days trend – How to make profits out of online platform – Discover Manual’s way of using media Thank you to Manual Jakarta for sharing, and thank you for all participants, see you on our next class!

Transform Business Challenges into Opportunities by Michelle Tjokrosaputro

The founder of @bateeqshop , @michelle_tjokrosaputro & learn how she is able to build Bateeq into a morden & successful fashion brand with Batik as its roots Last Tuesday Concrete Class with @michelle_tjokrosaputro CEO of @bateeqshop & PT @danliris. So much information & inspiration given that night! Thank You for equipping our young entrepreneurs/ business (men/women) with the knowledge and skills for being in the Fashion Industry. Should we do another class peeps? Thank you to Michelle for sharing, and thank you for all participants, see you on our next class!

April 2018

How to Make Use of Videography in your business by Wiki Lee

Last Wednesday we learned the How, What & Why videography is the next Best Thing for your Business with Wiki Lee founder of The Big Films Wiki Lee is an expert in videography industry, for more than 15 years started in Sydney, Australia then in Indonesia. He is well-known for his uniqueness in captivating his audience through all his videos. In this session Wiki shared that every video start from a little story, because from story we can remember the moment. That’s [...]

How to Build Successful F&B Business with Low Investment with Eugenie Patricia

What an inspiring Wednesday night we had this week with Eugenie Patricia founder of Puyo Desserts. She started Puyo Desserts with only Rp 5 Millions , now at the age of 24, she is operating over 40 Puyo Desserts outlets & over 270 staff. So much things to be learned from her! Also Special thanks to our MC Evi Natalia Thank you to Euginie for sharing her experience, and see you guys soon on concrete’s next class! 🙂

Rise of The Millennials – 5th Marketplace and Concrete 1st Anniversary

Our 5th Marketplace supported by 23-25 March 2018, Revealing our 5th Marketplace & Concrete 1st Anniversary! A collaboration event between Concrete and The F Thing , supported by Urban Sneaker Society, Studio Moral and DIRRTY. and our millennials tenants:, The Ripping Chief, Etterette Official by Vivian Lee, Project A, Tjoetji Sepatoe, The Audio Canvas,,,, Bake of Art, Ropang Hey Hey, Saltednegg, Bun and Pau, Real Beverage,, Donatogud, Hyaku, Fred.idn, EMpire.dtd, Heyla, Kim X Lim, Strappie ID, Namastay Lashes, Nieka, Bali [...]

What it takes to be a Blogger by Anastasia Siantar

28 March 2018, What it takes to be a Blogger by Anastasia Siantar, the woman behind The Brown Platform, who made it into the Blogging industry! Get to learn her secrets on what it takes to be a blogger. We learn about: – What type of quality do you need as a blogger? – How to be a trendsetter? – Making your own content creation for social media & blog – How to handle clients – Special Fashion Styling session with Anaz One of the keywords from Anaz, “Lighting [...]

How to cook your way to success by Hans Danial

27 March 2018, How to cook your way to success by Hans Danial, the man behind Eat&Treats, discover your way of cooking to successful & engaging food blog – a blog that people drolls over when they read! Get chance to ask him about your blogging style also all related to food stuff. Special for this class, Hans demonstrated his own style of shooting food 📷 We learn about : – Task of a food blogger – What it takes to enter food blogging industry – How [...]

February 2018

Basic Studio Photography Class by Shakti Siddarta

10 February 2018 Shakti Siddarta is a commercial photographer of many well known celebrities named RAN, Hivi, Raisa, and brands including Giordano, Color Box, Tik Prive etc. Last Saturday, we learned the basic studio set-up and portrait photography with a real model. Big thanks to kak Buke for sharing and all of you who joined. See you on the next class 🙂

Ways to Grow Your Cake Business by Natasha Ali

6 February 2018 Who doesn’t know the master of cake replica, Natasha Ali more known as Ming-ming? Having her own bakery, she shared with us her journey as well as her insight of the cake market. Starting from online cake business into opening up store in North Jakarta, Sugar Ministry never fails to please customer with the consistency of their craft! Thank you all participants who joined the sharing session and Natasha Ali for sharing!

Entering F&B Business with Right Strategies by SEC & Sana

24 January 2018 Our first workshop in 2018. Even though the seminar take place on Wednesday night, the class was a full house! Abi from Sana Kopi and Rius from SEC Bowl are indeed one of the OGs in F&B business, that is why we invited them to share their insight of the market for the newbies who want to enter the business.   Big thanks to SEC Bowl team, Kopi Sana team, and our moderator Minggu for the collaboration! We hope [...]

November 2017

October 2017

Digital Imaging Class by Silva Sandiarini

21 October 2017 Did a class with Silva Sandiarini, the master of digital imaging. In this class, participants learned to use the computer and the software application, Adobe Photoshop, creating unique digital images. Participants also explored both the technical aspects of image manipulation, as well as the artistic aspects of creating images. Thank you Silva for sharing the skills to us and participants for joining the class! See you on the next one!