November 2017

October 2017

Digital Imaging Class by Silva Sandiarini

21 October 2017 Did a class with Silva Sandiarini, the master of digital imaging. In this class, participants learned to use the computer and the software application, Adobe Photoshop, creating unique digital images. Participants also explored both the technical aspects of image manipulation, as well as the artistic aspects of creating images. Thank you Silva for sharing the skills to us and participants for joining the class! See you on the next one!

DIY Basket Crochet by Tie A Knot

21 October 2017 Had another fun and skillful class with the master of crochet, Tie A Knot! This time, participants learned how to make a basket crochet. Did we ever mention that their yarn is made of textile waste, upcycled and natural fiber? Each participants was given 2 cakes of t-shirt yarn (each 250 grams), crochet hook, pattern instruction, manual book, and a drawstring bag (bonus), so that they can make their own crepe craft at home! Thank you for joining and [...]

Concrete Marketplace – Local Made

6-8 Oct 2017 Every 2 months, Concrete holds a Marketplace as a part of our program to Connect people, Create ideas and Collaborate to empower our community, with different theme each time. Our marketplace is not an ordinary marketplace, our aim is to be a platform to curate Indonesian creative industry to grow and flourished in their own uniqueness. For the 4th Marketplace, we chose “Local Made” as our theme. It was targeted for those who take pride in local creative [...]

September 2017

August 2017

Singing Star Bootcamp with Indra Aziz

Our first ever professional vocal and performance training by the one and only Indra Aziz! Every Wednesdays in the month of July, participants learned from the basic vocal technique, finding the right song, to technicalities of a performance and preparation before hand. On the last meetings, all the participants get to perform in front of Indra Aziz and their loved ones, showing off new techniques they learned from the class. The performance was recorded and participants also get a signed [...]

Buttercream Flower Wreath by Le Louvre

12 August 2017 Look at these beautiful flower wreath cupcakes made by our participants! They indeed learn it from the best. Although the class last for 5 hours, participants have so much fun making their own buttercream flower wreath. Before making the final flower wreath Indri, our teacher of the day, taught us the technique of making different kind of flowers, so that participants can choose what kind of flowers they want in their final product. Thank you for Le Louvre [...]

Video Making for Everyone by The Big Films

12 August 2017 Our video making class with The Big Films was so much fun! Participants were divided into groups, based on their video taking and editing skills. After listening to Wiki’s introduction and direction of video making, each group went to shoot at different location which Concrete has prepared. Each group has a mentor from The Big Films, so that they know what is documentary and cinematography in each location. After all the groups did all the shooting, participants [...]

July 2017

Concrete Marketplace – The Garden

14-16 July 2017 The third Concrete Marketplace! This time, the theme was The Garden. Not only bazaar, we also have a plant exhibition “The Bizarre Garden” by Taman Hayat in collaboration with Concrete Space and Sang Tanah. We aim to inspire city dwellers to live in harmony between artificial world and organic environment by showcasing a collection of bizarre looking plants to make you fall in love not only with their personality but also with their living and survival process.       There are [...]

Music Production Class by Unlimited Worship

17 June 2017 Our very first music workshop at Concrete Co-working Space! Hosted by Concrete and Unlimited Worship. Kevaz Lucky, a professional arranger was the mentor of this workshop. During this class, the students learnt how to use programs on sequencers to be used in live performances. They were also taught to mix tracks and to balance all of the sounds using Logic Pro X, Cubase, Protools and Ableton.

June 2017

Succulent Buttercream Making by The Golden Spatula

17 June 2017 Another The Golden Spatula class! This time, Tri, the owner of TGS and the teacher of the day shared with us the recipe of buttercream, how to make it from scratch, color it, pipe the 6 different succulents and rocks, and assemble it on the cupcakes. Participants then bring home their own succulent buttercream cupcakes.   Thank you for joining!

Flower Bear Making by Blossom Beauty de fleur

17 June 2017 Another flower making class! But this time, we were not making the normal bouquet. Our flower bear making session with Blossom Beauty is a fun yet challenging workshop. Participants learnt a lot from the scratch of making the bear shape, immersing, up until the decorating part with purple yuro flowers! Thank you for joining our class! 🙂

Growing Your Own Microgreens and Wheatgrass with Tan Euh

3 June 2017 Our very first micro greens & wheatgrass growing class with expert Azri from Tan Euh. He share with us how to grow microgreens & wheatgrass, and also invite participants to be connected with food and get to know how easy to grow them with our hands. Thank you Azri for sharing with us the tips and trick in different kind of stage, from planting to the taking care part of it. And Thank you for joining the class too! [...]

Introduction to Basic Soap Making by Moloka Farm

27 May 2017 We had our basic soap making class and it was such a privilege to learn from the expert, Moloka Farm. Thank you for sharing with us the method to make the simplest form of soap from scratch up until coloring part, and yes the black colour is charcoal, a form of antioxidant. Also to those who participate, we hope you had fun just as we did.

May 2017

Rubber Painting on Tote Bag by SROU

20 May 2017 Established by two siblings who share a penchant for vibrant works of art, SROU is a rising new brand that applies artful elements on the surface of their versatile textile products. Nabila, the teacher for the day, shares on how to paint rubber on a textile. Participants made their own colour, and they create your personal patterns too Thank you for joining our class! 🙂

Leather Card Holder Making by BRAOW Leather Goods

20 May 2017 Braow Leather Goods is an Indonesian local brand with the authenticity of hobby turned into full-time crafters. They are dedicated to introduce people around the globe about the many culture and how we do all rawhide leather material turn into a handcrafted product. Their brand portrays passion using most of resources from Local Indonesian Tanneries, and they are the finest, indeed. Thank you for joining our class! See you on the next one!

The Art of Bento Making by iBento

23 May 2017 Character bento boxes are increasingly becoming more popular, especially in Japan. It is believed as a fun way to show some creativity and increase appetite of kids. For our weekday special, Irene Tadius from iBento shared her tips of in doing a fun character bento box. Participants learnt the technique of hand molding, pattern & application to cheese and nori. Thank you for joining our weekdays class!

Hand Painting on Cake by The Golden Spatula

13 May 2017 Another Mother’s day special workshop! The Golden Spatula, more known as TGS, is a bakery based on North Jakarta. Tri, the owner and the teacher for the day, teach participants on how to paint on a cake. The theme for the painting was flower, since it was Mother’s day special. Participants paint the flower they choose, and the results can be the perfect gift for their mom! Thank you for joining!

Copperplate Pointed Pen Calligraphy by Kuromopi

6 May 2017 Kuromopi was started in 2014 as a platform to share Eve’s artwork through instagram. Over the time, she receives custom requests, until she finally left her 9-5 job to pursue art full-time. This time, Eve shares to our participants on the basic of how to write calligraphy using copperplate pointed pen. It was challenging and also a fun workshop with Kuromopi. Thank you for joining our calligraphy class 🙂

Calligraphy on Glass by Priska Sitepu

29 April 2017 Another calligraphy class at Concrete. This time, we learned from Priska Sitepu. She is an expert in calligraphy, and she taught the participants the secret of her brush calligraphy method on glass. Participants learned the basic of brush calligraphy strokes, develop idea and layout of different lettering format, and learn the technique of using glass as final result instead of paper. Thank you for joining our calligraphy class! 🙂

Handmade Pattern with Natural Indigo Dyeing by Osem

29 April 2017 We finally had our first Natural Indigo Dyeing with Osem. Talisa and Mutia shared with us the process of getting indigo paste from the plants, to why we should use natural dyes. Creating patterns on cloth by tie-dying is one of the oldest and most basic of the textile arts. Tie-dying has been used in many islands of the archipelago: Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi and parts of Kalimantan on a range of textiles, from coarse cottons to fine [...]

April 2017

Dessert Project – Into the Forest

21-23 April 2017 As a part of our program to Connect people, Create ideas and Collaborate to empower our community, every 2 months, Concrete is committed to hold Concrete Market Place with different theme each.  Last week, we are holding another 3-days Marketplace with a theme, Dessert Project: Into the Forest on our space. Joined by 8 artisans patisserie; Rue de Choux, Bata, Jacob’s Pattisiere, Cuvee dining, The Golden Spatula, IRIS, and CHARINS.  Not only a 3-days dessert bazaar, we also have a Dessert Tasting, presented by all [...]

Workshop – Introduction to Terrarium by Terraflora

8 April 2017 With the right steps, terrariums are easy to make, low-maintanance gardens, and can last for quite a long time with minimum water. We had our first terrarium workshop with Terraflora. They share how a terrarium works; how these self-contained ecosystems survive so well on their own and how to look after them. As well as different plants that can be used to make a terrarium. Choosing their own succulents. Participants took home their own complete geometric terrarium. Thank you for joining our [...]

Workshop – Customised your Wallet with your Initial by Sekkha

8 April 2017 Sekkha means ‘learner’ in the tongue of Pali. They believe that they’re lifelong learners, and they take that philosophy of studying, exploring, and diligence into their leather crafts. Last week, we had our first leather class with Sekkha. Participants made a simple leather wallet with their own initial on it. All participants were given materials and tools such as a piece of leather, needles and threads, glue, razor, etc. Thank you for joining our Sekkha workshop! See you on the [...]

Workshop – Modern Calligraphy Watercolour Illustration by Pink Monkey

1 April 2017 Calligraphy is a place for any individual interested in the art of beautiful writing. This time, Concrete held the first calligraphy class with Pink Monkey, founded by Shelvia Hendoro. Our participants learned the modern calligraphy and also watercolour illustration. Participants’ names written by our teacher, Shelvia.  Participants learned how to write calligraphy before painting their own watercolour flowers. Thank you for joining our calligraphy class! Hope to see you again soon! 🙂

March 2017

Workshop – Acrylic Painting on Wood Decor by Kelly’s Co.

25 March 2017 Inspired by her lovely yorkshire named Kelly, Kelly’s Co was founded in 2013 by Inez Tiara. Every of Kelly’s. Co products are self-illustrated through the use of acrylic painting by Inez herself. Bringing the fun characters of her illustration alive through cards, notebooks, notepads, wrapping paper and other paper products. All of their products are printed on high quality and environmental friendly materials. They hope they could spread the joy and the happiness of each of their product. This time, [...]

Workshop – DIY Paper Succulent by Pafiore

25 March 2017 Another fun with beautiful results workshop held at Concrete by Pafiore. Pafiore is a paper florist founded by Nathania Theresa. Started in 2015, she focuses on making custom made gifts of paper flowers. Yesterday was Pafiore’s first ever workshop. This time, instead of making Pafiore’s signature paper flower, our participants learned how to make their own Paper Succulent. Participants was given the guidelines, so they can remake the paper succulent at home. Participants showing off their own paper succulent with teacher [...]

Generation C – BBQ & Game Night

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard of co-work. But it’s much more than just properties and a place to do work. It also will give you a community – and it’s the future of how business is going to be done. The value of co-work is actually in the community, that will give you not only new friends, but the chance to meet a bunch of people that were just as passionate and driven as you were about your [...]

Workshop – Botanical Wax Sachet

11 March 2017 Concrete held our first concrete class workshop with Kaminari. Kaminari is a lifestyle brand based in Indonesia founded by designer Vina Kosasih. Launched in 2015, the studio has been focusing on designing and handcrafting candles and waxworks. All Kaminari candles carry unique personalities that set them apart from others in the market. They are designed with thoughtfulness as to how customers can play with and experience a unique aesthetic and olfactory pleasure through wax works. The traditional function of a candle (light, aroma, celebratory, ritual) is respected, [...]

Activity – Jumping Jon Fitness

22 March 2017 Concrete aims to induce a work-balance lifestyle for our community through having few relaxing Concrete classes such as exercises. A mist of your hectic schedules, come and join our Jumping Jon classes by Jumping John Fitness. Work your muscles out and you will definitely be spirited up! Don’t worry, everything held in Concrete is going to be Fun! Even exercising will be FUN in Concrete. Who would want a dull workout? Jumping Jon Fitness is founded by Jonatan [...]

January 2017

A New Revolution for Working Spaces

While it is easy to assume that young entrepreneurs who have new startups or freelance jobs are a simple task, but obviously it’s not. A lot of resources need to go to these ‘small’ companies. A co-working space eases out the stress of these individuals as they custom to spaces, which are most cost-effective, flexible, and helps make connections that assist in the making of a startup. At this digital age, an employee can work through mobile, and an on [...]

Benefit of Co-working Spaces

Co-working reduces the negative aspects and outweighs the positive of a workplace. It helps in making an individual feel like they are part of a community, which will eventually make their business grow through the connections they make. Not only people feel that they belong in the workplace, but these spaces are also cost efficient and give people the liberty of having a mid-week holiday. The start of a journey of a new entrepreneur or a freelancer might be a [...]