Rise of The Millennials – 5th Marketplace and Concrete 1st Anniversary

Our 5th Marketplace supported by

23-25 March 2018,

Revealing our 5th Marketplace & Concrete 1st Anniversary!

A collaboration event between Concrete and The F Thing , supported by Urban Sneaker Society, Studio Moral and DIRRTY.

and our millennials tenants: Meruda.co, The Ripping Chief, Etterette Official by Vivian Lee, Project A, Tjoetji Sepatoe, The Audio Canvas, Monsturo.id, Topiku.co, Nionn.id, Bake of Art, Ropang Hey Hey, Saltednegg, Bun and Pau, Real Beverage, Herbana.id, Donatogud, Hyaku, Fred.idn, EMpire.dtd, Heyla, Kim X Lim, Strappie ID, Namastay Lashes, Nieka, Bali Rotan, Kavvi Shoes, Atjc.co, Preghiero.

25 March 2018,

Special Live Music Performance by Junkie Munkie X Axel Matthew

25 March 2018,

Special Live Music Performance by Tuan Tiga Belas

25 March 2018,

Special Live Music Performance by The Audio Canvas

24 March 2018,

Special Live Mural Performance by Bernie Barto and Bunga Fatia

20 March 2018,

Door Step into Fashion Design by Hian Tjien , the man behind the brand HIAN TJEN, one of Indonesia’s best wedding dress designers, who has graduated from Esmod and has won several national and international accolades!


21 March 2018

How to Package & Brand Yourself as A Musician by Indra Aziz, not only being a professional vocal coach and the founder of Vokal Plus, but he is also trusted as Indonesian Idol coach and to train them to become matured singers.

22 March 2018,

Things I Wish I Knew When I was 20 by Fellexandro Ruby.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Fellexandro Ruby. A seasoned photographer and entrepreneur, who has gone through 9 different roles before getting to where he is now, where he serve clients from the likes of Indofood to Common Grounds, Kempinski to Bake Cheesetart. He now runs Wanderbites, a food centered media & content agency, and Impact Factory, a human resource consultancy.


23 March 2018,

Streetwear Photography + Editing by Urban Sneaker Society,

In collaboration with Urban Sneaker Society, learn how to take Streetwear Photography just like the USS team & learn the secrets behind their Editing. The coach of the day have been a part of the USS photography team, Elden Yoliva & Kent Hadi with Jocelyn Kristanto as the model.

23 March 2018,

Photographer Survival Kit by Shakti “Buke” Siddarta, a commercial photographer of many well known celebrities named RAN, Hivi, Raisa, and brands including Giordano, Color Box, Tik Prive and many more.

24 March 2018,

Go Ahead People: Fashion Styling Class by Ajeng Dewi Swastiari

In collaboration with Go Ahead People, we are conducting fashion styling class with Ajeng Dewi Swastiari! A fashion stylist expert with more than 5 years of experience. She is also personal stylist of Titi Dj, Bunga Citra Lestari, Sherina Munaf, Agnes Monica and many other well known celebrities and brands

24 March 2018,

Entrepreneur & Leadership Skills in Fashion & Lifestyle Industry by Valencia H Tanoesoedibjo and Natashia Midori founder of the F Thing and DUMA official.

We learn:
– What it takes to be in the Fashion & Lifestyle Industry
– How to manage your budget for your start-up brand
– How to lead, build & manage your A team
– The importance of tapping in into e-commerce for Fashion & Lifestyle industry
– Marketing Strategies for your brand
– How you get to know your customers/audience

24 March 2018,

The Young & The Pro: Street Business by Badass 23 Monkey & Paradise Youth Club

Discussing on what it takes to be a Streetpreneur and learn:
-How to build a streetwear startup
-How to have a good branding & campaign
-Streetwear & subculture these days
-The struggle in the business

25 March 2018,

Natural Glam Make Up Workshop by Vinna Gracia supported by NYX Professional Makeup

Doll up with Natural Glam Makeup include special Q&A Session with Vinna Gracia.

25 March 2018,

Learn from the founder of Morden by Lucas Edo and William Tjandra on what it takes to build a wedding photography business.

Morden is known for their artistic, mood tone, creating photographs that captures moments more than just pictures.

Their recent clients includes Hamish&Raisa , Fendy Chow&Stella, Dion Wiyoko&Fiona.

This is it! It’s a wrap!

Thank you all for tuning in with us on our Rise of the Millennials event, special in celebration for one year of connecting, creating and collaborating!

We hope that through this event you’ll get inspired, refreshed with positive vibes and on top of it be able to connect, create and collaborate to empower!



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