A New Revolution for Working Spaces

While it is easy to assume that young entrepreneurs who have new startups or freelance jobs are a simple task, but obviously it’s not. A lot of resources need to go to these ‘small’ companies. A co-working space eases out the stress of these individuals as they custom to spaces, which are most cost-effective, flexible, and helps make connections that assist in the making of a startup.

At this digital age, an employee can work through mobile, and an on the go entrepreneur would only be wasting money by paying for a full-time office. Presently young entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need a telephone line all the time that has a connection and has to go to and work in front of every single day. At current day with the rapid growth of startups and young entrepreneurs who are seeking for a relatively tight office space unlike a traditional office, co-working spaces are introduced.

Co-working space central concepts are Community, Openness, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Sustainability. A café-like theme area is usually a co-working space’s concept, but it could also offer settings such as an office or even a home’s atmosphere. Other facilities that these areas offer are free Wi-Fi, coffee and weekly seminars with well-known guest speakers. But the greatest service that a co-working space offers is the great ideas and the connections that can assist for a member’s startup. As for a startup if you want to hire a designer or even a photographer these professionals could just be sitting right next to you. Saving members from hours of annoyance spent on researching for people that can help a member’s startup

The central concept is that individual workers come together in a shared place to enjoy greater productivity and a sense of community, hence contribute to making connections.  These spaces consist of people who work for various reasons such as different companies, ventures, and projects. These areas usually are accessible 24/7. Therefore, co-working spaces offer flexibility, which is the root of many problems faced by young entrepreneurs.

Additionally, co-working is a new way of thinking about the relationship with work. Co-working space is introduced because it gives the idea where anyone can pursue work they believe in on their terms and find others within the space to share their pursuit. In simple co-working can be explained as a workspace with flexible structures that is custom to people with a no typical and modern type of work that is not entirely for a person from one particular company.  These spaces help in easing out the stress of a startup and provide valuable long-term connections that cannot be found anywhere else. The primary value of these areas is from the free bonds, and the advice members are willing to give one another.

Mallorie Edlyn – Concrete Team


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